We are a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the critical need for organ and tissue donation as well as helping children who are affected by gastrointestinal dysfunction. Some of our primary functions are offering grants or assistance to families of children with gastrointestinal disorders and other disabilities who demonstrate a financial need and supporting gastrointestinal research at major medical institutions.

Our History

Our foundation was created to honor the life of Alexandria “Lexi” Rose Georgeff. Lexi was born with Chronic Neuropathic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, which caused her intestinal function to fail; therefore she was unable to eat. In order to meet her nutritional needs, Lexi required nightly intravenous infusions, which eventually damaged her liver. Due to this, Lexi was placed on the UNOS national waiting list for a multi-organ transplant (stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines) in January 2005. While on the waiting list, several fundraising events were conducted to help Lexi’s family with unforeseen transplant related expenses. Upon Lexi’s death at age fourteen in June of 2005, these funds were put into a donation account to help others in Lexi's memory.

Board of Directors

Karla Georgeff
Dale Georgeff
Jeni Georgeff
Todd Merryfield
Beth Ratledge
Joy Patton
Marcus Belschner
Katie Hoffman-Burton
Ricky Burton