Sip N Crunch

Enter your home brewed beer or home made pickled items to be judged for prizes. If you don’t have an entry come and sample the entries and vote on your favorite ones. We will also be running raffles throughout the event. For a $20 entry fee you get a tasting glass, and the ability to taste home brews, pickles, and vote for your favorite pickled items.


$10 for each beer entered, and your entry fee also includes tasting and voting for your favorite beer. First Place will take home $100, and we also have prizes for second and third place. Registration can be done the day of the event or you can preregister by downloading the event registration packet and mailing it to The Love 4 Lexi Foundation, PO Box 718, Cedarburg, WI 53012. Please arrive around 12:30 pm the day of the event, so you can setup prior to the event starting.


Just pay our $20 entry fee and enter as many pickled items as you want. We will be awarding prizes to the first, second and third place entries.


1:00 PM Registration/Tasting Begins
3:30 PM Voting Closes
4:00 PM Winners Announced
4:15 PM Raffle Winner Announced